Our Latest Service... Overdrive

The South Georgia Regional Library (SGRL) is now offering Audio Books and eBooks, a new service from OverDrive. You can listen to them on your PC, CD player, portable audio device, Smartphone and other compatible devices. The portal for SGRL can be found at Please make sure you create an account and log in by selecting your library, South Georgia Regional Library, and typing in your PINES card number (no spaces) and account PIN.

It is very important that you read the entire "Getting Started" series of information on the Overdrive page. It will help you navigate the site, set up an account, check to see if your audio device or eReader is supported, and explain all the details of the program. What is provided below is only a sampling of the information. There are restrictions on use, number of items checked out, and hold procedure information that will be very important to your ease of use and understanding of the service.


Audio Books

Why digital audio books?

· Download bestselling authors from the comfort of your home.
· Transfer your audio book to a portable player for “on the go” listening.
· Burn many titles to CD.
· Automatic return.
· No late fees!

What You Will Need:
· A valid PINES library card.
· Internet access
· A personal home or laptop computer with:
   -Compatible Operating System
   -OverDrive Media Console
   -Windows Media Player
     (Version 9 or higher)

Information about minimum system requirements can be found under the “First Time Users Please Read” section of the Overdrive website. The Overdrive Media Console can be downloaded for free at:

Browse & select an audio book:
Browse the digital audio book offerings at:

You can browse the digital audio book and eBook selections without “signing in.” However, to request or check out digital audio books, you will need to sign in using your PINES library card number and PIN. 

If you do not remember the PIN given to you when you registered for your library card it may be reset for you.  Simply bring your picture ID to any SGRL branch for a new PIN number.

Checking out a digital audio book:
After you have found a digital audio book you want to check out:

· Click on “Add to Cart.”

· Click on “Proceed to Checkout.”

· Enter your library card number. Click “confirm” if the selection is correct.

· A “Download” screen will inform you that appropriate audio book software must be installed on your PC. If you have not previously downloaded OverDrive Media Console, do so now. If the OverDrive Media Console software is already installed, click on the “Download” button after checking out the title.

· OverDrive Media Console will open and prompt you for a download location for your audio files.

· Click “OK” to save the files to the default location or specify another folder.

· An audio book is typically divided into parts. Select the part you want to download at this time and then click “OK.” The downloading process will start and its progress will be displayed. The download may take several minutes or longer, depending on the speed of your connection.

· To play your audio book, open OverDrive Media Console. Highlight the title and click the “Play” button.

Putting a digital audio book on hold:
If the digital audio book you wanted to check out is not currently available:

· If you want to place a “hold” on the digital audio book, click on “place a hold” next to the item, instead of “add to cart.”

· A “My Holds” screen will appear that will allow you to enter your email address, which will be used to notify you when the item is available.

· Click the “Submit” button if all the information is correct.

· When your requested audio book becomes available, it will be held for you for 48 hours from the time the notifying email is sent.

Returning an audio book:
Your digital audio book will be returned automatically on the item’s due date. No late fees!

Please Note:
· The OverDrive Media Console supports many OS and portable devices. Please check their online listing for compatability.

· The Over Drive service may only be used from your home.  You may not download audiobooks at any of our libraries because of the strain it puts on our system.  Additionally, SGRL will not provide technical support for Overdrive beyond providing users with published instructions for using the digital audio book service.

Last Updated 02/08/11