E-rate Program

SGRL Universal E-rate Program

E-rate Year 2020-2021

Bidding will close on February 26, 2020. All questions must be submitted by email to: bbulemu@sgrl.org. All questions and answers will appear below in Questions and Answers. You may bid the services indicated on any RFP or its equivalent.


Please note the following:

1. All bids must include all services listed, unless otherwise indicated on the RFP, partial bids will be considered non-responsive.
2. Price of eligible services/equipment will be the major determining factor in any award.
3. No substitutions will be permitted, bids not complying will be considered non-responsive.
4. Questions must be submitted via email; submit questions to: bbulemu@sgrl.org, the RFP title must be included in the email subject.
5. All answers to questions will appear only in the Questions and Answers section and will not be emailed to the questioner.
6. Ineligible services must be noted on bids.
7. Vendors must be authorized resellers.
8. At the time of the award of any contract, the winning bidder must have a SPIN.
9. Please follow any additional requirements or conditions set out on the RFP.
10. The Library may reject any Quote whose contents appear to be incorrect, incomplete, out of date, invalid, inaccurate or inappropriate in the Library’s sole judgment.

SGRL Internet RFP